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Alþjóðlegt stökk fram á við - Topsion stækkar starfsemina til nýrra sjónarhorna!

Tími: 2024-02-28 Skoðað: 12


Today marks a significant milestone for Topsion as we proudly announce the establishment of new branches in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Changsha, and the United States. This strategic expansion sets the stage for a new era of growth, innovation, and global collaboration.

Our Shenzhen and Dongguan branches, strategically positioned in the heart of the supply chain network, are powerhouses of efficiency. These locations act as the beating heart of our production, ensuring seamless and timely delivery of our nýstárlegar umbúðir solutions. From conception to creation, Topsion maintains an unyielding commitment to supply chain excellence.

In Changsha and the United States, Topsin is not just expanding its footprint but breaking new ground in business development. Changsha, a vibrant city in central China.Meanwhile, in the United States, our operations are a testament to our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele.

We are not just expanding geographically but also deepening its commitment to sustainability.
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